Advanced hair selection Photoshop tutorial

For the most users of Photoshop is very difficult to make at least a bit clean and decent selection of objects which have fur, fibers or the most often – hair. Using of the standard selection tools you are not able to select hair very precisely.

You may often see the images of people with changed background which have selected hair like this:

rochelle after Advanced hair selection Photoshop tutorialPlease do not do that :)!

There are several ways how to select hair more precisely. One of them is Refine edge option. Using the refine edge tool will greatly help and speed up editing tasks especially when you need to select out the hair or fur on subjects.

You can find this option here:

refineedge1 600x168 Advanced hair selection Photoshop tutorial


Note that I have selected Quick selection tool.

Or go to top menu – Select -> Refine Edge

But before you will choose Refine Edge you need to select your object with some selection tool. You do not need to be very precise around the hair. After that you may use Refine Edge option.

Here you can see final result of my tutorial:

hair selecting promo final2x 600x435 Advanced hair selection Photoshop tutorial

For more info please view this video tutorial:


  • Anna Carter

    Thanks for great examples! Being back, after years, to photography and seeing such results from old trusty photo editing software is very inspiring! I always outsourced my photos to photo enhancement services as Lavalu or Fixthephoto. But now I understand that I can do it by myself. I love the photos for their mood. Your tips are very helpful and creative.