How to create amazing Photo Collage in Photoshop

Learn how to create really amazing photo collage in Adobe Photoshop with my Photoshop tutorial. It is really easy, fast and the final result definitely worth it.

Here you cand download stock images for this project:

stocks part 2

Some tips before we start:

Try to find some good background image for this photo collage. It is the most important thing. I have used wood, but you can use another materials as well… i.e. bricks, table, metal…

Use only few photos in the collage- not more than 10. It is because when you put there many pictures they must be very small so It will be hard to see what is on the photos.

You can use different object on this collage – I have used Camera, cup of coffee and tulips … you can use i.e. vase with flowers, pen, pencils and another (your favourite) things.


This is the final result:

table smaller 600x320 How to create amazing Photo Collage in Photoshop


Check tutorial here:

  • Dizzy Fingers

    Hi. I’m sure there’s a basic explanation but the stock timber background image resolution is 72 pixels per inch. If I enlarge to a preferred printable res of 300 it’s too large to work with in Photoshop so I would work on it as is. However, what is the process for outputting to print at 300 dpi?