Digital make up tutorial

Create digital make up in just few steps using Adobe Photoshop. You can change eye shadow for any color you want. This method can be used for lip stick and blusher as well.

Before and final result after editing:

olivia wilde hd wallpapers 600x462 Digital make up tutorial

You will need to use only these tools:

Brush tool - for painting – Opacity should be set to 100 % and hardness to 0 %

Smudge tool - for editing painted areas

Soft light/overlay layer mode

Blur tool - is used for blending edges between new color and original picture

Tip: For better(realistic) effect decrease opacity to 50-60%.

A few shortcut tips:

For faster zoom in/out you can use shortcut: ctrl+alt+mouse wheel

To change your Brush tool size use shortcut: ctrl+alt+right mouse button and then move with your mouse to the left if you want smaller brush, to right for bigger brush.

Just watch my videotutorial.