Easy text face photo manipulation effect

In this really easy Photoshop tutorial you can learn how to fill face area with text. It is very impressive and fast photo manipulation effect so try it for sure.

To achieve this effect I will use displacement map. I will work with masks, quick selection tool, brush, some adjustments and a few other tools.


Check final picture:


statham finaxl 600x449 Easy text face photo manipulation effect


View tutorial:


  • Kate Gross

    WOW! Excellent drawing ! Really guys it’s AMAZING! I I had tried to retouch in this genre, But Photoshop is too hard for me :) For such effects I just use apps or I send my photos to online photo retouching services like FixThePhoto

  • https://www.picsretouch.com PicsRetouch

    Awesome work for photo manipulation and face area retouching. It enhances to look and fill. Your photoshop video is helpful for every image editor or retoucher.