Furry / Grassy text effect tutorial

Let’s learn how to do some text effects. This tutorial is first one from the text effects tutorials on this page. In a few simple steps you will create very interesting furry or grassy text effect.

You can use this technique not just with fur or grass but also with other textures like clouds, pasta, wood etc. All you need to do is define the right brush preset or just download some brush which will help you with this effect.

These tutorials may help you too because you will use some steps from them:

In this one you can find out how to create Brush preset -  http://photoshoptutorials.eu/vector-background-and-brush-preset

Layer masks tutorial - http://photoshoptutorials.eu/photoshop-masks

How to download and import Brush set - http://photoshoptutorials.eu/how-to-import-brushes-fonts-photoshop-windows

Final images:

furry text effect 600x375 Furry / Grassy text effect tutorial grassy text effect 600x337 Furry / Grassy text effect tutorial