How to create fireworks in Photoshop

New Year celebrations are coming so I have decided to create tutorial where you can learn how to create fireworks in PS. It may be useful to you i.e. when you are creating some celebrations poster as I did.

This is result of tutorial:

fireworks 600x600 How to create fireworks in Photoshop



You can add this result to different pictures(like on post picture). Just change Normal layer style to Screen. This you can do also on fireworks which you just download from google or somewhere. But it is better If you create your own fireworks :).


Check this tutorial:

  • Background Remover

    You have done such an amazing job on this series. I envy your sewing skills and your patience and your diligence. If anyone ever asks me how to sew, I’m sending them to your blog and this series. Congratulations on such an extensive, well thought out and clearly presented set of this Photoshop tutorial.

  • Katy Gordon

    WOW! Excellent drawing ! Really guys it’s AMAZING! I I had tried to retouch in this genre, But Photoshop is too hard for me :) For such effects I just use apps or I send my photos to online photo retouching services like FixThePhoto