How to create head peel | Photo manipulation tutorial

Learn how to easy edit your photo in a few steps to look your face like peel from potato. With this photo manipulation tutorial you will learn it very quickly. 

You will need to handle work with:

Basic tools: move tool, lasso tool, burn tool, clone stamp tool and healing brush tool.

Adjustments: Hue/saturation

and layers.

You will get final image with these steps:

1. cut face from picture by using pen tool which I prefer to use in this case (but you can use other selecting tools as I mentioned in my basic tools tutorial -

2. create new background where you will put the cut face but first at all fill the new background with color by using gradient tool with set radial gradient

3. use adjustments layer to – hue/saturation to match face color with background color a bit

4. remove eyes, nose and mouth from duplicated face layer using clone stamp tool and healing brush tool – basic tools tutorial -

5. make slices from face layer and duplicated face layer using lasso tool

6. add shadows to duplicated face layer using burn tool – do this in two steps – have selected midtones, opacity 100% and smaller brush… in second step midtones, opacity 50% and bigger brush.

For better imagination please watch my videotutorial icon smile How to create head peel | Photo manipulation tutorial