How to generate flames/fire | New feature in PS CC

If you are using Photoshop CC, there is new really cool function available. You can now really easy generate your own flame. It is really easy with plenty of options so you can render many different flames.

First at all you need to create new layer or select specific layer where will be your flame placed.

Next step is to choose Pen tool and create path for your flame.

After this step go to Filter > Render > Flames and this option will appear:

flame generator 600x483 How to generate flames/fire | New feature in PS CC

There are 6 different types of flame:

1. One Flame Along Path – single flame on one path.

2. Multiple Flames Along Path – more flames on one path and they will follow the direction of the path.

3. Multiple Flames One Direction – more flames on one path and all of them will follow the same direction.

4. Multiple Flames Path Directed - more flames on one path. Each Flame will point according to the path angle.

5. Multiple Flames Various Angle – more flames on a path. Each Flame will point randomly(by changing the “angle” you can control angle of flames).

6. Candle Light: One candle light will be rendered on a path.

You can try all available settings as:

The Flame Shape: Parallel,To The Center, Spread, Oval, Pointing

Other parameters: Length, Width, Angle, Interval, Adjust Interval For Loops, Flame Lines (Complexity), Turbulent, Jag, Opacity, Flame Bottom Alignment, Color, Quality, Arrangement


I have used flames to create car burnout, play this tutorial: