Intro to PS and basic Photoshop tools

If you are novice in Photoshop this section will be very interesting and useful for you, because you will learn how to use basic Photoshop tools. But first at all you need to know something about Photoshop screen or menus and how to customize them. So let’s begin.

If you run Photoshop, first you will get is this screen:

home screen2 600x358 Intro to PS and basic Photoshop tools

On the left side of this screen is toolbar (1.) with some basic tools. Each tool I will describe in my video tutorial, which you can check later.
On the top of the screen is menu bar (2.). This menu bar is like any other menu bar in any other program, but has specific functions too (like Select, Filter, Layer, etc.).
On the right side of the Photoshop screen is menu (3.) which is separated into another smaller menus like palettes, another section is layer menu. Working with layers is very important in Photoshop, so please check tutorial dedicated to describing layers.
Finally in the middle of the screen is image window. There are a few ways how to open your image in Photoshop. For example you can open image via top menu (2.) -> File -> Import. Next way is that you can just drag your image and drop it into Photoshop or way which I use the most is right click on the image you want to open in Windows and choose option Open with and there find Adobe Photoshop.
After opening the image is good to unlock the image or to make a copy. If you want to unlock image just doubleclick on the layer in the layers menu and then press OK. To make a copy of layer use shortcut ctrl + j or right click on the layer and choose duplicate layer. Now you can work with your unlocked image.

If you see behind your image something like this:

background1 Intro to PS and basic Photoshop tools

don’t be scared, nothing is there and no, it isn’t background or on the other hand I can say that this checkered Photoshop background represents transparency.
For more information read my other posts or watch my tutorials.

  • Wendy

    Hi i love your tutorials .. Ive never used photoshop and i dont know which photoshop to buy. Do all of the photoshop packages have the ability to manipulate photos with liquify, do makeup etc? I dont want to buy the wrong package .. PS, PS elements, lightroom? Thank you


      Thank you Wendy. I am currently using Photoshop CC – you do not need to buy it, you will just pay for Photoshop on monthly base (around 10 dollars/euros per month and in this package you have Photoshop + Lightroom). But the coolest thing is that you never miss any update, feature and you will have always the newest version of PS. If you don’t want to pay for PS on monthly base you can buy older PS version – Photoshop CS6 – I have used this before, but now many good features are missing which are in PS CC.