Other tools

In this last one tutorial from Basic Tools tutorials I will describe following tools: Content-Aware Move Tool, Red Eye Tool, Dodge and Burn Tool and finally Pen Tool.

Content-Aware Move Tool

Content-Aware Move tool is tool with which you can select and move a part of a picture. The image is recomposed and the hole left behind is filled using matching elements from the picture. You do not need to carry out intensive edits involving layers and complex selections.

You can use the Content-Aware Move tool in two modes wich you can choose in this menu:

content aware move tool Other tools

  • Move mode - place objects in different locations (most effectively when the background remains similar).
  • Extend mode - expand or contract objects such as hair, trees, or buildings. To best extend architectural objects, use photos shot on a parallel plane, rather than at an angle.

Red Eye Tool

Bad effect of photos which have been taken with help of flash is that you very often get photos with burned red eyes. This effect happens when the light from the camera flash reflects off the subject’s retina. It can make for a disturbingly demonic image.

To remove it simply select the Red Eye Tool, then click-drag on the image to draw a box around the red eye… you may need to click-drag a couple times to get the entire eye.

Dodge and Burn Tool

In the simplicity these two tools do this:

  • Dodge – Lightens pixels where you paint.
  • Burn – Darkens pixels where you paint.

You can set which tones will be affected:

  • When set to highlights, only the lightest areas are affected.
  • When set to shadows, only the darkest areas are affected.
  • When set to midtones, only the middle tones are affected.

Pen Tool

In my videotutorial is decribed only how to select thing from image by drawing a path around your image. This tool has other features as well but each feature will be shown in other tutorials because area where you can use Pen tool is very wide.